Caught by the Devil

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The Little Devil

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Went out on a movie date with Ms. M (FHM Indonesia Dec 2007 Model) for the first time. I picked Plaza Senayan as the venue because I figured out it wouldn’t be so crowded. Somehow, I like to keep my privacy when I go out with this type of girl. 😀 It was a wrong decision to pick Plaza Senayan L As soon as I walked into the theatre; I met my neighbor and his GF. He was giving me a quirky smile as the skin color difference between Ms. M and I was so obvious. As soon as his GF went to the washroom, he called me and asked me who the girl was and whether the girl is shareable 😀 (I would be crying if I was the dude’s GF to find out that he wanted to fuck someone else girl he he he 😀 )

Anyway, was finally able to get away from my neighbor and sat back to this gorgeous girl. 1915 hrs, watched the movie. Walked out the theatre and bammm….. a girl named Virshie walked toward me and started to shout at me. “Where the hell have you been?” I remember her as one of the “Tequilla Band” singers and the last time I contacted her was the morning after I screwed her 3 times. Hey… it wasn’t my fault at all. I lost my hand phone the night after I screwed her. 😛

It was an awkward moment. With Ms. M stood behind me, I was trying to explain the situation to Virshie. She did not believe me at all (who wouldn’t anyway?), lucky me Ms. M was not aware of what was going on. Finally, I was able to walk away from Virshie without a single scratch 😛

Caught by the Devil…… 😀 What an experience.

I’ll share you the story of this HoT “Devil” some other time. In the mean time, enjoy her picture.


Dragon Fly (DF) – 30 April 2008

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Dragon Fly

A short flash back to Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Dragon Fly is considered the BEST club in Jakarta at the moment. My first impression was “Woooow” when I walked into this club after a year or so I did not step my foot there. I noticed that the restaurant section is no longer there creating a large open space (Just the was I like it). Once I got in, we picked the bar closest to the entrance as our strategic spot to “hunt” 😛 . It wasn’t bad at all, after half an hour or so, I managed to get a couple of girls’ attention there.

Went back and forth to the toilet due to drinking too much coronas was a twist of fate 😀 . During my trips there, I managed to have eye contacts with some models. However, wasn’t to confident asking them for their phone numbers as it was my first revisit to DF. I was back at the bar and hoping these girls would walk pass by me. Again, I was lucky by the end of the night, these cute girls walked pass by as we were about to head toward the exit. We followed them, overheard these girls were saying how cute the guys behind them were 😛 (btw, it was us :P). It was time to make my first move then. I won’t tell you the trick for now, but all you need to know that I got her phone number.

My story with her is coming up with her soon. Just wait and see.

1st Posting – It’s all about ME

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1st Posting

1001malam is a player and a sex addict. A Player is what my close friends calling me. I’ll never claim such a great title. However, I admit that I am a sex addict 🙂

This blog is a media for me to share about the current situation in Jakarta and my real experiences (backed by photos or videos for proof)  or what I like to call it “Jakarta Undercover Stories by 1001malam” P.

All the stories by 1001malam are real.  I don’t bullshit (BS) around and will not any entertain any stupid comments & comments. If you don’t like to read it – Get the FucK out of this page !

Jurnal Pertama

Blog ini akan saya gunakan sebagai media untuk berbagi cerita kepada sesama cabulers mengenai kehidupan malam di Jakarta dan pengalaman-pengalaman nyata saya (dengan foto dan video sebagai bukti).

Semua pengalaman-pengalaman yang saya tulis adalah nyata dan apa adanya tanpa bumbu-bumbu pemanis cerita. Jika anda tidak suka membacanya, dengan senang saya ingin mengatakan, “Silahkan Keluar aja dan JANGAN PERNAH Kembali ke sini lagi !!!”